School of Freshwater Sciences

UWM, where a few of us went to Grad School, has hatched a plan to build a School of Freshwater Sciences. After being named by the UN as an important site for water research, the City is looking to capitalize on this with the University. The focus is on a strip of land right on […]

Project Leads

I try to spend time every day looking for new projects. Searching the web and paging through tenders for projects that we might go after. It’s changed the way I interact with the world around me. I don’t read the paper the same way – I read articles in search of projects. I don’t talk […]

A Word on Fees

Fees are a tricky concept. The client wants to pay as little as possible to get the work done, the designer wants to get paid as much as possible for the specific project. In most instances the client is undervaluing the designer’s role and worth, while the designer is probably thinking a little too much […]