Press Release

Last week the Harvard Design Magazine (of which I have issues going back 10 years) published (online only) an article written by Nalina Moses about Architects currently working in India. Nalina and I spoke last fall and I tried to explain the unique nature of working here and did the best I could to point […]


Though the music industry has been slow to shift in the digital landscape, actual musicians have been making amazing strides. Beck – one of my personal heroes – has been relentless in his reinvention of himself. Album to Album, the tone or style is rarely duplicated, but there is hardly a point when you are […]


We recently returned from the US from what was initially a working trip, with meetings and certain things that needed to get done. However, beautiful weather, family, friends – and nice beer – conspired to transform this into a mini vacation. Some things were accomplished (connected with people, deadlines met) but other things went on […]