Steal Like an Architect?

A while back I read about a video series called “Everything is in Remix” by Kirby Ferguson, but only recently did I finally sit down and watch all 4 parts. It’s a pretty brilliant series and a lot of fun. He doesn’t mention Architecture – focusing more on the world of cinema and music – but it comfortably fits his thesis that at the heart of creativity is copying – or more directly:

Copy, Transform, and Combine.

Too often we think of “true creativity” as the manifestation of something we’ve never seen (heard, experienced) before – as if this was even possible. I wonder what the hip-hip version of an architect would be – someone who samples different buildings into a new¬†composition. Most architects would probably see that person as a hack – a cheater. But is Quentin Tarantino uncreative? DJ Danger Mouse? There seems to be huge scope for this sort of sampling process to be incorporated in to the¬†architectural¬†profession.

This also reminds me of Austin Kleon new book that follows a similar thought process called “Steal Like an Artist.” I haven’t read it, but it he seems to be pushing this idea in an interesting direction and trying to get people on board with this being an ok way to work. Let’s hope he succeeds.

Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.