Monisha Kejriwal



Private Residence

Exterior boundary wall

A deep set high window on the south facade

This Bangalore residence creates a delicate balance between the chaos of the city and the quite of nature. White interiors are punctuated with a bold blue wall that serves as a focal point to the rooms it encounters.

Living Room

The living room blends modern layout with antique furniture pieces.

The use of an open floor plan gives the rooms a spacious feel – in plan and section. Allowing light to spill from adjacent areas.

Dining Room

The dining room becomes a setting for family & food, with no direct view to the outside.

The placement of art – both modern & antique – punctuates openings in walls treating them like frames for display.

Low Window

This low window directs your eye to a reflecting pool, and allows the light to dance on the interior.

Spaces are lit in an uneven manner – so as to create areas of contrast and shadow. Highlighting windows, or creating warm corners of quiet.


This louvered skylight brings light down to the ground floor, painting the wall with shadow.

Through section light is allowed to shape the experience in a vertical direction – spilling from above during the sunny afternoons and rising up in the night.

Double Height Space

This double height space opens to the skylight above.

The light also effects the placement of windows, not only for daytime – but also for night, washing exterior walls in a lively glow.

Exterior Window

This window wraps around the house to capture north light.