Brook Louis Meier




As the Indian Museum approaches its 200th year, there is no better time to pursue a comprehensive reboot of the institution – to develop a clear vision for the next 200 years that understands today’s culture, technology, and current trends. A vision that is not only appealing to the modern day Indian, but also the foreign traveler, the indian villager, the student, and the academic. This is not a task that can be accomplished with a fresh coat of paint and new light bulbs.

Diagram of Options

Renovating the Museum involves defining the scope of work ahead - we saw the hybrid model as the best path.

This must be a coordinated effort that encompasses the complete scope of Museum complexity, from preservation to procurement, from exhibition to marketing, from telling stories to creating new ones. Our submission stresses the importance of architectural planning in the final success of the Indian Museum.

Circulation Diagram

The museum has an extensive and varied collection, we wanted to organize this, while retaining opportunities for cross pollination.

Our intent is to discover that great museums are not developed in a rush towards completion, but by creating a highly tuned plan that meets a series of clearly defined goals – both long term and short term in nature. It is through this process that a truly “Indian” museum can emerge and touch the souls of the people who visit.