Brook Louis Meier


Kutch, Gujarat


Sweta Khilani Meier
Josh Ehr

Entry Garden

The Entry Garden is a setting for reception, whether you are attending a party on the terrace, coming to a play, seeing the gallery, or participating in a puja.

Located near Kutch in Gujarat and promoted by the Indian Institute of Sindhology to Preserve & Promote Sindhi Culture, the Centre is a place that all Sindhi’s can call home. Our proposal creates a modern interpretation of traditional Sindhi Architecture, becoming simultaneously familiar yet exotic.


The Entry is both area for reception as well as performance. The wall to the Theatre opens up when needed for a special play or even after a production. Having an car drive on to stage in the middle of the final act...

The building program consists of a theatre, amphitheatre, gallery spaces, restaurant, offices, library, and puja room – becoming a hybrid of a museum, performing arts centre, and temple – uniting spirituality and cultural heritage.


The Lobby is also a Gallery acting as a transition to other areas, like the Cafe, the Shop, or even the Amphitheatre. This space allows other rooms to overflow into it while still serving as the prime means of circulation.

The building becomes a place to Prepare & Perform – or rather, a place to study the past and celebrate the future. Beyond merely preserving the culture, we want the project to help push the culture forward.


A play, lecture, or Bhagat now has the perfect setting - inserted as a courtyard, the Amphitheatre serves as a dramatic source of solitude and a canyon of light.