Brook Louis Meier





The folding red wall creates an entrance canopy and directs patrons into the store.


Seemingly a simple program, further analysis showed an extensive web of requirements.

Typical Retail Layout

The typical retail layout is to create clear circulation near the perimeter with low racks at the center for open views.


By using a folding red wall, we were able to turn the typical layout inside out - creating an inward focusing store.

Red Wall

The folding red wall becomes a tool to : hide columns, create special, intimate zones, direct circulation, and increase retail space. It also serves as the store brand.

Mall entrance

The store sits at one end of the mall, becoming an anchor tenant. With wall to wall glass patrons get a glimpse into the color filled store.

Toy Section

The toy section offers a delight to children with interactive zones.

Books Section

Starmark's primary offerring is the finest selection of books in the City. The design allows this area to be clearly organized and presented.

Books Section - More

The folding red wall serves as a playful backdrop to the shopping experience.

Music Section

Hanging banners provide accents to the dark ceiling and highlight certain products.

Play Area

A children's play area is positioned several steps up - giving kids a different view of the store and a private place to explore.